Monday, March 07, 2011



For me...Al-Quran is a truely the most precious and valuable miracle...the truth for all human being for the whole i realize that Allah SWt is The Almighty that is always with His servants, with us..everytime..He always guide us if we want to..He will love us if we love Him..He really care bout us if we do want Him to give a good care for us..20 without knowing..what is known was not what it has to be..what is taught was not what is need to be known..all of the in a colourful life and forgot the white is the true and the sacred colour after all.. thanks to Allah The Most Merciful for giving me the opportunity to recover my wrong bad sins.. the dreams of His Book really give a big impact to me that totally change my life... because of the dream.. everything is changing.. i know that i need to return back to Him and understand all of His command in His Divine Book... Once i start to read it...Once i touch it with the true feeling and hope to know, to learn, to understand and benefit it.. it’s really works, whole settings of my life programme were set automatically without im realizing it was in progression till today when i look at myself..i found that me myself was not like what i was was totally different and unbelievable... though me myself still dont believe this can i become like what i am can i have the strenght to change if He didn’t help me.. im still wondering how can it be.. and the answer is all with Him... Allah is the true Lover.. though so many sins i did before, He always there for me..give me everything that i healthy body, my face, foods and dress, my eyes.. my voice.. my tears.. chance to breath, my feelings and strenght.. my heart n souls... He give me everything...HE give me Love.. He give soul to feel the many love that i found in my many people did love me and give me hope.. it was really wonderful thing to be felt..but day after day, the feeling of human love seems like had sumthing missing and incomplete.. feel like it was not enough yet and i do want sumthing more than that feeling... maybe because of no bless from Allah... it’s always give troubles.. problems.. hatred.. unstable emosion.. bad feelings.. full of tears... regrets... revenges and broken hearts... till the second i found the TRUE LOVE..ALLAH’S’s such a great feeling that i never felt will make us alive though our souls are nearly gives us dream and hope to return back to meet Him in the Hereafter..a hope to see Him.. a hope to hear His voice.. a hope to speak with Him... nothing i felt wonderful in this life except the chance to feel His Love..just need to recolour back a life to the basic white..the starting point for the sake of the true religion and way of life.. Islam.. and THE ALMIGHTY, our Lord, ALLAH SUBHANAHUWATAALA...May Allah Bless all of the things that i’ve done in searching His Love and guidance... aminn Ya Rabbal alaminn..

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