Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Ramadhan is here, but where are we?

Assalamu'alaikum warahhmatullahi wabarakatuh...

as usual...sharing is loving..loving is sharing everything..(akhowat syg ajar) hehe ;) <3

"To him who desires a harvest in the life to come, We shall grant and increase in his harvest; whereas to him who desires a harvest in this world, We (may) give something thereof but he will have no share in the life to come."  

"This world is the planting field of the Hereafter.'' [hadith]

this world is no more than the planting field of the Hereafter. Ramadhan is a time for tilling the land. Those who toil, plant seeds of virtue, irrigate their lands with tears of repentance and draw out the weeds of transgression and passion by fasting... those who draw the clouds of mercy through TILAWAH and DHIKR will eventually yield the harvest of Jannah and save themselves from the scorching and parched terrain of Jahannam. You will reap as you sow! it is time to toil in earnest, it is time to cultivate TAQWA and make our HEART fertile and receptive to the commands of ALLAH.

Ramadhan offers us an opportunity to draw from the unlimited treasures of Allah. it is a month of receiving for those who are prepared to take.

FASTING ; cultivate TAqwa
TARAWIH ; irrigates the heart
TILAWAH and DHIKR ; sow the seeds of virtue
FREQUENTING THE MASJID ; draws the rains of Allah's mercy
DU'A ; ensures the protection of our harvest

"Allah prepares and decorates a special garden in Jannah everyday (of Ramadhan) and says to it; 'the time is near when my faithful servants cast aside the great trials (of the world) 
and come to you...'"


our fast must go beyond abstention of food and drink. the eyes, ears, tounge and heart must also consciously be made to fast. the minimum requirement is Ramadhan is to stay away from all that is forbidden and to fulfill all that is Fardhu. The spirit of Ramadhan however requires that we fulfill every nafl(optional) act with the conviction that it will open the door to the love and recognition of Allah.. Allah runs to those who walk towards Him and He embraces those who streche their hand to Him. if we continue to be heedless and continue committing sin even while the devil is chained, it displays the extent to which we have become the disciples of shaytan. Ramadhan is a time for introspection. A time to look within and re-evaluate our faith and commitment. 

"During every day and night of Ramadhan, Allah sets free a great number of souls from Jahannam. Certainly every Muslim's du'as are accepted during the nights and days of Ramadhan."


Ramadhan is also a time for generosity, compassion and charity - not only in terms of wealth but in terms of our character. Lend a helping hand, use your skills to benefit the needy, and forgive those who may have hurt you, if you really hope to enjoy Allah's help and forgiveness. Allah's mercy rains upon those who are merciful to others. Allah forgiveness pours upon those who forgive others.

 "Whoever feeds the hungry, clothes the naked, and grants shelter to the traveller, Allah shall save him from the terrors of Qiyamah."


Ramadhan is an exercise in SABR. Sabr  at the time of temptation; Sabr in fulfilling the commands of Allah; and Sabr in trying and testing circumstances. Sabr breeds YAQIN [conviction in ALLAH]. it entrenches our belief in TAQDIR and infuses humilty into our character. if we still become heedless, lethargic and intolerant,it will be a sign that we have lost SABR..

"this is indeed the month of patience, and the reward for true patience is JANNAH."

"this is the month the first part of which brings Allah's mercy, the middle of which brings Allah's forgiveness and last of which brings freedom from the fire of JAhannam." 

the doors of Jannah are open while the doors of Jahannam are close. Allah's mercy abounds. He calls out every day and night. "Is there anyone begging of Me so that I may grant him his heart's desires?...."


P/S; bukan mudah jdi mubalighah..lagi2 bila kena bagi tazkirah lam english...huuuu speaking ntah pape..heee....but ive tried my best and i feel blessed by doing it, lagi2 dlm bulan yg i love the most ni....i love all of akhowat..my lovely sisters that always give me support..love u sooo much.. uhibbukum ya akhowati fillah...Lillahi Taala... lots of love.. ;) <3

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