Monday, August 06, 2012

7 spiritual productivity habits to develop in Ramadhan

assalamu'alaikum wbt...
juzt want to share 7 steps/methods or useful activities to be practised during Ramadhan as stress relievers, energy boosters and in order to gain blesses from Allah day and night..insyaAllah..

1. recite 1 hour of Al-Qur'an. not necessarily one juz or one surah (lg byk/lama lg bagus)
2. supplications before sleep. for beautiful sleep and ease in waking up for Fajr. InsyaAllah
3. Dua & dhikr after Salah. takes only 5-7 minutes (longer is better). use pocketbooks or mobile apps.
4. Sunnah Prayer. solat rawatib.. before n after solat fardhu.. to get extra rewards.
5. Dhuha prayer. after sunrise till before the sun reaches its zenith. reward is similar to giving charity on behalf of every bone in your body! subhanallah..
6. night prayer. attend taraweeh each and every night.. continue with tahajud and witir..
7. morning/evening dhikr- al-ma'thurat-the sunnah is to recite the du'as..before sunset and sunrise..

selamat beramal...tvqm ;)

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