Wednesday, June 13, 2012

UEFA EURO 2012 official song ada unsur ILLUMINATI??

nasihat penulis- xpayah dengar pun xpe sbb xramai yg tahu apa yg tersirat di sebalik akan highlight words yg berkaitan n ade unsur MASONIC/ILLUMINATI/SEMBAHAN SETAN/DAJAL..moga jadi peringatan pada masa akn dtg..n jangan main dgr je lagu ape2 pun tanpa fhm maksudnya..selamat semua...wallahua'lam...

Hold on to the dream, hold onHold on now, nowHold on and believeOh we already one (one world religion), we still hold onHold on, hold on now, nowWe still hold onHold on, hold on now, nowHold on to the dream (rule the world)
Finish line (WW3) I'll see you thereI know you're well preparedPut aside all your fearsJah (?????) will answer all your prayersMight seem that no one cares,Been working hard for yearsKeep climbing up the stairs (stairs???)Gotta know that you (???) already thereBlood, sweat and the tears nowNone of them can take the shares nowEnemies (who's their enemies?) better be aware now,Champions's got a lot to bare nowI'ma tell it as I'ma swear now...Eye (One Eye Seeing?) of the tiger i got the stare nowCarry on until we see the sun (sun???),We holding on
I know the road is long we still hold onWe carry on, we still stay strongToday is long but tomorrow will comeHold on, hold on now, nowCah the brokens now will be the strongestAll do yu kno is that the road is deepPain and trouble , trial and griefWhat a man sow cah you one must reapHard times will never get you beatAnd you (???) never will get defeatCah mi all arm strong... di workCoz talk is cheap

p/s: ia seakan-akan kisah satu usaha n perjalanan yang panjang kan? u have the answers...

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